Navigating the Future: How CIHS can support Cherwell Users Beyond its 2026 End of Life

With Ivanti’s announcement that they will discontinue the Cherwell product in 2026, many Cherwell users are now contemplating their ITSM strategy and how to respond. Since Ivanti’s acquisition of Cherwell in March 2021, there has been a sense of uncertainty. However, with the news of Cherwell’s end of life, maintaining the status quo is no longer a sustainable long-term strategy. Cherwell users are now tasked with determining whether to migrate to Ivanti’s offering or to explore other alternatives.

Evaluating Options with CIHS Expertise

At CIHS, we appreciate the complexity of such a transition. We know that moving away from Cherwell isn’t simply about selecting a new ITSM platform; it’s about ensuring that the next step is in perfect alignment with your business’s evolving needs and objectives. With our extensive knowledge of all leading ITSM platforms, CIHS is adept at helping you assess your options, consider the alternatives, and make an informed choice that will drive your business forward.

Considering Managed Services as a Strategic Shift

Adopting a managed service may be the strategic shift that positions your organisation for future success. CIHS offers a spectrum of managed services that provide immediate support and expertise, as well as establishing the foundation for sustainable ITSM excellence. Our team is skilled in assessing and implementing bespoke solutions, affording you the freedom to concentrate on your core business initiatives while we manage the ITSM complexities.

Key Considerations for Partnering with CIHS

  • Expertise Comparison: Utilise CIHS’s dedicated ITSM experts, who possess an extensive knowledge of Cherwell and all other leading platforms, guaranteeing an agnostic approach to finding the best solution for your business and a level of proficiency that may exceed in-house capabilities.
  • Cost Analysis: Realise the cost efficiencies of partnering with CIHS. Our managed services often represent significant savings over maintaining an in-house team, without compromising expertise or responsiveness. Giving you time to focus on your strategy.
  • Documentation Practices: Benefit from CIHS’s rigorous documentation practices that set the benchmark for managed services, assuring continuity and ease of management that will make the transition to a new platform easier.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Enforcement: With CIHS, expect formalised Service Level Agreements that are meticulously honoured, offering you reassurance and predictability in service delivery.
  • Experience in Scoping and Implementation: CIHS’s structured approach to scoping and implementing ITSM systems contrasts sharply with the varied methodologies that internal teams might adopt.
  • Structured Roadmap Planning: CIHS excels at creating a realistic and structured ITSM roadmap, aligning with your business’s long-term vision and assuring a smooth journey through the ITSM landscape.
  • Broader Industry Knowledge and Consultancy: Access CIHS’s extensive industry knowledge and consultancy expertise, which can be pivotal in selecting the most suitable ITSM platform for your organisation.

Financial Considerations and Operational Flexibility

Choosing CIHS means transitioning your ITSM investments from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, a move that brings agility to your IT operations. This flexibility, combined with CIHS’s transparent cost structure, enables your business to swiftly adapt to changing IT demands.

Looking Ahead

Making the Right Choice for Your Business: The end of life of Cherwell in 2027 necessitates a proactive stance. CIHS is ready to guide you through this change, offering expert advice, strategic insights, and a partnership that looks to the future. For a detailed consultation on how CIHS can aid your transition from Cherwell, get in touch today. Together, let’s shape the future of ITSM for your business.

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