ServiceNow, is a leading IT Service Management solution that streamlines and automates your business processes. With our extensive knowledge and experience in Enterprise Service Management means that we can guide you to unlock the full potential of ServiceNow, ensuring seamless integration and maximum efficiency. By leveraging our expertise, we empower your organisation to drive digital transformation, enhance customer satisfaction, and achieve long-term success.

Service Now

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a secure and scalable ITSM Platform that breaks down silos by bringing data, processes and ITSM tools into one cloud-enabled platform.

ServiceNow uses built in best practices and workflows to consolidate your ITSM tools into a single platform. AI and machine-learning reduces the burden on your IT staff and self-serve issue resolution helps improve employee experiences. Gain full visibility with built-in dashboards and real-time analytics. ServiceNow is a modern ITSM solution that benefits your whole business and your customers.

Deliver ITSM on a Single Platform

Use built-in best practices to rapidly consolidate disparate tools to a single system of engagement in the cloud. Harness your shared data and analytics with the most trusted IT service workflows.

Improve IT Productivity

Use AI to increase agent efficiency and speed up issue resolution. Unburden IT as incidents get auto assigned to the correct resolution team. Automate DevOps change approvals

Optimise IT Service operations

Create a modern, compelling IT service experience. Run secure, automated digital operations to predict and prevent issues, increase productivity and deliver scalable services.

Create Resilient Service Experiences

Shape service experiences for employees anywhere, with always-on IT services. Automate support for common requests with virtual agents that understand simple, human language.

Achieve New Insights

Deliver high-quality services proactively and at scale while you continually improve your processes. Gain full visibility with built-in dashboards and real-time analytics.

Remove friction with mobile

Enable employees to find answers and collaborate across IT, HR, facilities, finance, legal and other departments – all from a modern mobile app that runs on a single platform.

How Service Now Can Help your Business

Customisable & Scalable

Process Automation

Centralised Platform

Enhanced Customer Experience

Integration Capabilities

ITIL Alignment

Data-Driven Insights

Improved Incident Management

Enhanced Change Management

Proactive Problem Management

Why Choose CIH Solutions?

CIH Solutions have been implementing, configuring, improving and optimising IT service management toolsets since inception and we love the way that ServiceNow breaks down data silos bringing your ITSM tools into one platform. This allows us to offer a range of services complementary to the ServiceNow offering.

Managed Service and Virtual Administration

As some of Europe's most experienced ITSM consultants we provide several tiers of managed service and virtual administration for client’s: on-premises or SaaS implementations with our flexible token based monthly tiers or draw down agreements

Configuration Consultancy

From single day engagements through full managed and guaranteed results driven projects; our scalable configuration process provides full documentation and training solutions for whatever you may imagine your ServiceNow system could do allowing you to leverage across your business.

ESM Adoption

Looking to expand your usage of Ivanti across other business domains, our experienced consultants understand the challenges experienced and the flexibility needed to transpose IT Service Management principles to Enterprise Management.



Popular solutions that we've provided to other customers from small features such as linking your Calendar presence to Ivanti through to full data driven Workflow Solutions. Talk to us about integrating your existing tools to provide automation and enhanced data quality.

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