ITSM Managed Services

Let our team take the strain!

Our ITSM managed service supports you with some of your biggest challenges – from dealing with staffing issues to freeing up time, and from keeping costs to a minimum to helping you grow your service offering.

To find out more about how our ITSM managed service can help you deliver on your business goals, get in touch now for a free consultation with no obligation.


How Your Business Can Benefit

Our fully managed solutions and tiered packages mean that you can have a dedicated, experienced team in your arsenal without the need for big contracts or salaries. 

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

By maximising the value of your technology investments, and advising on process improvement, we’ll help your company to boost performance.

High Service Levels

Our ITSM expertise will ensure your end-users receive consistently outstanding service that isn’t put at risk by personnel turnover.

Stress-Free Running

We proactively review and maintain all your ITSM systems to keep everything operating smoothly and reduce security and compliance issues.

Predictable Budgeting

This allows you to deliver maximum cost-effectiveness for your organisation while being able to secure investment for the future.

Key Benefits

We offer a range of service levels that can be adapted to precisely meet your specific needs and budget. Please get in touch to discuss these in more detail – and here’s a rundown of what you could expect:​

Technical guidance

Our in-depth knowledge means we can advise you on essential matters such as configuration and implementation.

System enhancement

We’ll help to define your needs and ensure you get the most out of your system to meet them.

System maintenance

We’ll undertake day-to-day support and admin work, while dealing with issues as they arise.


We’ll act as a single point of contact for all activities, including planning, maintenance and executing plans and technical requests.

System documentation

We’ll ensure your ITSM environment, with all its configurations and customisations, is fully and accurately documented.

Expanding your ITSM service

We’ll help you achieve what’s possible when it comes to enhancing your ITSM in line with delivering maximum value for your organisation.

Why Choose Us?

Extensive ITSM expertise

It goes without saying that you’ll be able to rely on a wide breadth and depth of knowledge from our ‘hands-on’ ITSM team.

Understanding your environment

Our starting point is always understanding your needs and processes – and that means we’ll quickly become an essential part of your team.

Unbiased advice​

We are ‘system agnostic’ and have a wide range of expertise across all the major ITSM platforms, so are able to give truly independent advice on the ‘art of the possible’.

We practice what we preach

We know ITSM, as best practice consultants we adhere to best practices for our managed services: structured documentation, change control, effective communication. The managed service you expect!


Still undecided? We have created a frequently asked questions section below. If you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We currently support 4Me, HaloITSM, Cherwell and ServiceNow under our different tiers of managed service. All tiers supported by structured best practice processes and a passion for delivering service and ensuring you’re able to do the same.

Yes, we currently offer the following differed Tiers:

Virtual Administration – ad-hoc support
Bronze – monthly subscription managed

Yes, we recognise that your business changes over time and your requirements for your service management technologies need to change accordingly. Whilst we operate a number of Tiers of managed service you’re able to move up and down the Tiers as your business or projects demand and we often have people on a lower Tier look to run short periods of Virtual Administration or standard professional services alongside to deliver new requirements.

We have a wide range of skills available and included in all our managed service offerings ranging from strategic best practice advice, to roadmap development, pro-active monitoring and health checks, quarterly recommendations on service improvements, integrations and new technologies and the technical skills to deliver.

All our managed service team members are qualified in the ITSM tools supported and work with our professional services team on new implementations to keep skills current and relevant to our customers changing business demands.

We’ve been advising and implementing ITSM solutions for our managed service customers for 15 years, our first customer was a managed service provider! In addition we’ve been running managed infrastructure for project delivery and administering customer ITSM systems for nearly as long we’ve only just started to advertise the services!

In terms of delivering managed services we already deliver them to customers in the Managed Service Provider, Retail, Finance, Health Services, Local Government, Education and Construction indsutries among others.

Best practice has been in our DNA since we started the business, we pride ourselves on our range of experience in designing and delivering ITIL and other frameworks to our clients so we could’nt set up a managed service without practicing what we preach.

We’re accredited with ISO27001 certification and working towards other best practice accreditations as part of our ongoing improvement and have documented and fully structure policies, processes and procedures, as you’d expect!

If you have any questions not answered above, or to find out more about how our ITSM managed service can help you deliver on your business goals, get in touch now for a free consultation with no obligation.