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Since its inception in 1999, Biomni has focused on the persona of the Digital Worker, enabling them with rapid access to IT services and automation. Tenjin is the 4th generation of Biomni’s self-service solutions, leveraging Generative Conversational AI to serve the needs of today’s digital workers, the most demanding to date. 

Tenjin stands out with its unique approach, offering employees all the necessary information, services, and automation to get work done. Its design, which is easy to implement and leverages existing ecosystems, sets it apart. Tenjin comprises two core modules: 

Tenjin offers a no-code platform that enables the creation of conversational AI experiences for all your use cases. Tenjin’s Digital Assistants support the needs of both your internal and external customers, simplify your service architecture, and speed up your operations, making them more efficient and effective.

Tenjin’s Knowledge Network is a platform that integrates all existing knowledge silos, making it easier to access information through Generative AI. Unlike other Conversational AI platforms, Tenjin’s unique knowledge crowdsourcing feature taps into the most valuable resource of knowledge, which is the know-how and know-what of your people, also known as tacit knowledge. Tenjin’s Knowledge Network actively encourages employee involvement in helping their colleagues through proven gamification and tokenised reward features.

CIH Solutions has partnered with Biomni to bring market-leading self-service that can integrate with any ITSM platform. There is no need to wholesale change or complete “lift and shift” of ITSM platform; leverage what you have and let Tenjin elevate your Employee Experience.

Empower your IT with Tenjin

Current Challenges

  • 47% of digital workers struggle to find necessary information (Gartner, 2023).
  • High service desk costs and inefficiencies, with significant gaps between agent-handled and self-service interactions.
  • Information silos, leading to poor decision-making and reduced productivity.
  • Generational shift with Gen Z demanding more purposeful work and effective knowledge management.

Root Causes Addressed

  • Lack of Incentives: Knowledge sharing is not rewarded.
  • Information and Application Sprawl: Disparate silos and formats.
  • Gen Z Values: Focus on purpose, crowdsourcing, and gamification.
  • Disjointed User Experiences: Multiple point solutions increase confusion and disengagement.

The Solution: Tenjin

  • Decentralized Knowledge Network:
    • Integrates explicit, tacit, and transient knowledge.
    • Powered by generative AI and tokenised rewards.
  • Tokenised Rewards and Incentives:
    • Reward employees for knowledge sharing.
  • Crowdsourcing and Expert Assistance:
    • Encourages knowledge-sharing culture through crowdsourcing.
    • Conversational Access:
    • Embedded and rapid access to services and automation.

Tenjin's Key Features

Knowledge Management

Increased knowledge and know-how for everyone

Expert Q&A: Get answers to your users without burdening human resource

Curate Knowledge: Verbalise your experts know-how

Ask The Crowd: Crowdsource to collaborate with colleagues across the business

Creative Services

Intelligent automation to help generate content

Request: Users initiate an interaction with a Q&A

Generate: An answer is given, and the user is prompted with follow-up actions

Publish: Content is created by generating new information and can then be distributed


Understand user’s interactions and avoid bias

Interview: The target audience is understood through an interactive Q&A

Create: Combine knowledge with answers to create new findings

Publish: Publish the results as new knowledge articles

Service Management

Gain real-time insight into the quality of service that is being provided.

Incidents: Report incidents and utilise knowledge for instant fixes

Diagnose: Orchestrate expertise and know how to provide content

Request: Submit requests, communicate with approvers and provide status updates

Complete IT Service Desk

Integrated processes on a common platform and shared Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Change Management

Simplify the configuration and experience of one of the most strategic ITSM processes

Configuration Management

Centrally manage Configuration Items and visualise relationships

IT Asset Management

Track and manage the life cycle of supported hardware and software assets.

Tenjin also offers:

  • Platform Intelligence
  • Omni-Channel Engagement
  • Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • Flexible Integration
  • Enterprise Service Management
  • Concurrent Licensing
  • No Code Platform

What is Tenjin best for?

Tenjin empowers your organisation to implement best-practice IT service management (ITSM) frameworks like ITIL right from the start. Its intuitive platform eliminates complex configurations, allowing you to leverage pre-built workflows and processes aligned with ITIL guidelines. This ensures consistency, efficiency, and adherence to industry best practices, all within a user-friendly environment.

Tenjin offers a robust knowledge management (KM) solution that goes beyond basic ticketing systems. The platform captures, organises, and shares valuable information, making it readily accessible to IT support staff and end-users. This self-service approach empowers users to find solutions independently, reducing support ticket volume and freeing up IT resources.

Streamline your ITSM processes with Tenjin's one-step actions. Eliminate the need for multi-step procedures by automating everyday tasks and approvals. This functionality empowers your service desk to resolve issues faster, improve first-call resolution rates, and enhance user satisfaction.

Gain valuable insights into your organisation's ITSM performance with Tenjin's comprehensive reporting and dashboarding capabilities. Generate real-time reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) like incident resolution times, service level agreements (SLAs) met, and user satisfaction ratings. Use these insights to identify areas for improvement and optimise your ITSM processes for maximum efficiency.

Tenjin fosters transparency and accountability within your organization. By establishing clear processes and workflows, all stakeholders – from IT support staff to end-users – gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities. This improved visibility leads to faster issue resolution, better communication, and a more collaborative IT service management environment.

Why Partner with CIHS for Tenjin

When you're adopting a comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) solution like Tenjin, the value of an experienced and reliable consultancy partner cannot be overstated. CIHS Solutions experience and knowledge of Tenjin positions us your go-to consultancy and integration partner, dedicated to helping you maximise the potential of your ITSM toolsets.

As an authorised partner for Tenjin, CIHS offers competitive pricing, passing on the benefits of our licence savings directly to you. We pride ourselves on our consultancy and integration expertise. When you reach out to us, you’ll speak with a consultant who understands your needs, not just a sales professional.

Our virtual administration service is designed to efficiently manage your Tenjin implementation, whether it's hosted on-premise, SaaS, or CIHS. Our flexible virtual admin contracts allow for tailored support, ensuring your Tenjin system is always performing optimally.

CIHS’s approach to configuration and consultancy is as versatile as your needs. Whether a single-day engagement or a fully managed project, our scalable process includes comprehensive documentation and training solutions. Our goal is to help you realise Tenjin's full capabilities, leveraging its features to benefit your entire business.

We don't just stop at providing the platform. Our team is continuously working on integrating our products, such as advanced virtual agents, with Tenjin. We aim to ensure that popular integrations and configurations, including advanced automation, AIOps, and CMDB management tools, are readily available within your Tenjin environment. This integration extends to creating a seamless ecosystem with your existing tools and processes.

Tenjin Integrations

Seamless ITSM Integration:

  • Compatible with platforms like Atlassian Confluence and Jira.

Provides advanced search and unified knowledge management.

Connectors and Channels:

  • Includes an extensive library of integrations, enhancing connectivity and functionality.

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