IFS Assyst: The Digital Transformation Solution

CIH Solutions is proud to announce our recent partnership with IFS, global leaders in service management software, as we further enhance our service offering to provide unparalleled ITSM solutions. We now offer IFS Assyst as an integral part of our solutions portfolio, geared to help your business evolve in the digital age.

About IFS Assyst

With IFS Assyst, you’re not just investing in a service management solution, you’re investing in your business’s future. By enabling a more strategic and proactive approach to ITSM.

IFS Assyst, provides an all-in-one Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution that revolutionises your IT. Combine all internal services, from IT to HR, into one seamless platform for effortless collaboration.

Talk to us about how IFS Assyst can help with your business transformation.

How IFS Assyst could benefit your business

Profit: Low Total Cost of Ownership

IFS Assyst is an investment that pays for itself. You can start your digital transformation journey for roughly the cost of your daily cup of coffee.

Value Increase: Realise the benefits quickly

With more than 100 predefined workflows, you can hit the ground running and start reaping benefits from day one.

Employee Satisfaction: A No-fuss Experience

IFS Assyst is designed with user experience at its core with functionality that will boost your employee satisfaction levels.

IFS Assyst the ultimate in workplace simplicity

Create a one-stop-shop for all your internal services and provide a smoother experience for your employees. Whether it’s IT, HR, Finance, or Facilities, get all the moving parts of your organisation working better together with IFS assyst’s ESM solution.

Reduce Overhead

Increase Efficiency

Increase Predictability

Operational Visibility

Prioritise Transformation

Breakdown Siloes

Better Governance

Manage Integration

Align Services / Demand

Functional Excellence

Reduce Teach Costs

Boost Satisfaction

Why choose CHIS as your implementation partner?

Choosing the right partner to implement your ITSM solution can make all the difference. That’s where CIH Solutions steps in. We are more than just a service provider – we are your trusted ally in your journey to digital transformation with IFS Assyst.

Here are the reasons why you should choose CIH Solutions as your IFS Assyst implementation partner:

Expertise and Experience

Our team's comprehensive understanding of IFS Assyst ensures alignment with your business objectives.

Personalised Approach

At CIH Solutions, we deliver a bespoke IFS Assyst implementation, tailoring the best solution for your unique business needs and challenges.


Seamless Integration

We ensure a smooth transition during implementation, integrating IFS Assyst with your existing systems and processes.

Comprehensive Training and Support

Our partnership extends beyond implementation, offering extensive training and continuous support.

Track Record of Success

Our long list of satisfied clients demonstrates our commitment to delivering successful Service Management solutions.

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