Kelverion Service Request Automation

Kelverion specialises in Service Request Automation and offers automation solutions, integrations and supporting services. Kelverion’s solutions wrap around your existing Cherwell installation and enable organisations to harness the power of automation in the service management space, delivering over 400% return on investment over the first 12 months.


Kelverion & CIH Solutions

About our cooperation

Thanks to the partnership of Kelverion and CIH Solutions, we can now offer to our existing and future customers a smooth combination of process, service management toolset and automation. We will provide even more efficient services across a wide spectrum of ITSM vendor products. Cooperation of our companies accelerates digital initiatives, whilst delivering outstanding value to our shared client base. The functionality of Kelverion allows us to deliver added value to clients, delivering true automation whilst ensuring all the necessary governance is adhered to from the end user Self Service Experience to auditable approval and automation.

What Is Service Request Automation?

Service Request Automation is the automatic completion of day to day manual processes such as; user creation, adding users to groups and service access requests. By utilising automation, tasks are completed in minutes; therefore, removing time consuming procedures which previously depleted IT resource, and delayed resolution for the end user.

Why choose Kelverion for Service Request Automation

  • Kelverion have over a decade of experience in automating service requests, either powered by Azure Automation or with Microsoft System Center Orchestrator
  • Runbooks are created graphically, meaning there is no need to type lines of code
  • Our image-based approach to runbook authoring means that processes are easy to follow and amend, should you need to
  • Kelverion aren’t tied to any ITSM or enterprise systems and over a library of 35+ integrations available.
  • Kelverion has ready to implement Solutions Packs and Integrations; which can get your automation project up and running in days
  • The solutions are created using Kelverion’s best practices in runbook development, making them simple to support and enable the rapid adoption of automation processes
  • Both our support and professional service teams are based in house, any questions or queries you have will be responded to by a member of the Kelverion team, not an outsourced call centre

The Kelverion Runbook Suite

The Kelverion Runbook Suite, which has been specially created to enable organisations to harness the power of Azure Automation is formed of 4 parts:

The Runbook Studio:

A ‘click and configure’ graphical authoring environment in which to create and modify the automation processes, that will save your business hundreds of ‘man-hours’. Similar to a Visio diagram, this image-based approach means users don’t need to write lines of code.


We’re proud that our products wrap around your existing ITSM and connect automation through our ‘smart discovery’ technology.

Solution Packs:

Pre-built automation solutions, ready to be deployed and tweaked to the exact requirements of your organisation.

Kelverion’s ready to implement Solution Packs include:

  • Joiners, Movers, Leavers
  • Standard IT Tasks
  • Office 365 Management
  • Virtual Machine
  • Provisioning and Management
  • Event to Service Desk Incident Ticket
  • Remote Diagnostics and Remediation

Automation Portal:

For those customers who don’t have a self-service portal within their service desk, we have built an automation portal; empowering end-users to complete their own service requests and fulfilling these requests with automation.