CIH Solutions and Kelverion announced their new partnership to expand the range of offered services

CIH Solutions (CIHS), a multifaceted software consultancy, have partnered with Kelverion, automation experts.

CIHS and Kelverion have joined forces to deliver even more efficient IT solutions and high return on investments to Service Desk customers throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Both organisations are existing technology and channel partners for several ITSM providers. The new services, expanded thanks to the newly formed partnership, will be an added value for current as well as future clients.

CIH Solutions is one of very few, if not the only truly agnostic consultancy and integration specialist. They have 12 years of experience working exclusively with ITSM products and complimentary technologies, which allows them to provide an independent advice on the right products which perfectly answers Clients’ needs. They can ensure that the full solution – from process through people and finally to products – aligns. Thanks to the partnership they can now offer the combination of process, service management toolsets and automation to provide even more efficient services to existing and future clients across a wide spectrum of ITSM vendor products.

Automation experts Kelverion, have specialised in the implementation and support of Service Request Automation for over a decade. Kelverion have created an extensive choice of third-party system integrations, in addition to pre-built automation solutions to enable swift adoption for organisations across the globe.

David Wooster, Kelverion’s CEO

“We are delighted to partner with an independent ITSM consultancy with the breadth of skills that Chris and the team at CIHS has in place. We look forward to assisting our collective customers with delivering superb value to their IT functions, through the automation of Service Requests”.

Chris Hodder, CEO of CIHS

“The multi-platform approach of Kelverion is an excellent fit for CIHS, allowing us to include automation products to our portfolio in both IT and Enterprise Service Management, combine this with the ROI both companies offer to clients – we’re really excited about where this partnership can go”.

Both companies will cooperate to meet growing demands for IT process automation across the wide range of ITSM tools. This partnership will speed up the digital initiatives, whilst delivering outstanding value to their shared client base.

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