How ACH Group saved 2 hours per day and achieved an 87% SLA by implementing HaloITSM

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Saving two hours of manual admin work per day

Achieving an 87% SLA which is increasing month on month 


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Improve clarity with a fully functional CMBD and change management system.

At a glance


  • Intuitive ITIL-aligned tool to manage Service Desk requests
  • Ability to keep track of asset inventory
  • Improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Extensive customisation and tailoring to meet exact needs


HaloITSM brought an easy to use, ITIL based solution with DevOps style alignment. Fully configurable with features such as a configuration management database (CMDB) and Change Management handling led to swift adoption.

About ACH Group

Aged Care and Housing Group (ACH Group) is an aged care provider offering residential and community based care services across Victoria and South Australia.

Their mission over the last 67 years of operation is to help their customers live “Good Lives” by treating each customer and individual as unique. They support their customers to help them stay in control of their own lives and make their own decisions. ACH Group are dedicated to helping their customers remain optimistic and feel like they belong, whilst actively contributing to the community and remaining as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

The Challenge

Imagine a scenario where your legacy help desk system needed to have the daily functionality you required. You needed to manage requests, but this was impossible to do, and on top of this, your system was bogged down with old requests. Your customers were increasingly frustrated, but you could not manage your service levels or track incidents. Internally, you need to keep track of your asset inventory, but you can’t do this without making heavy investments. This was the reality for ACH Group; they had many pain points, but their system could not remedy them efficiently or cost-effectively. 

ACH Group needed to overhaul its entire service desk system and processes. The multitude of issues they were experiencing resulted in poor end-user experience and reduced customer satisfaction levels. 

ACH Group uses ITIL-based practices. However, they are a unique organisation and need features often unsupported by other Service Desks. For example, they sometimes outsource their home visits to external agencies. HaloITSM manipulated the system’s functionality so ACH Group could log calls to these agencies and keep track of requests. They required a system which could provide extensive customisation and tailoring to suit their needs.

“Life was grey – service was not easy to deliver and customer experience was not optimal.  Now life is Halo colourful – inject some colour into life and you will find your customers become reinvigorated and start using your services more.”

Mark Render, Head of Digital Systems, ACH Group.  

The Solution

With their current challenges in mind, ACH Group was looking for an easy-to-use solution that utilised ITIL best practices with DevOps style alignment and had features such as a configuration management database (CMDB) and Change Management handling. 

Having used HaloITSM in his previous organisation, Mark Render knew HaloITSM could fulfil all of their requirements and more. A massive draw for ACH Group was how their entire system could be tailored to their needs, and added functionality could be created based on requests. 

HaloITSM engineers went to the site during the implementation process and built the entire system with ACH Group engineers. HaloITSM ensured the transition and onboarding experience was seamless, so there was minimal disruption to the ICT Team. Initially, HaloITSM started as a project for the ICT team. However, 3 (very different) teams are now using the system and growing throughout the business. ACH Group now handles 4,000+ requests per month. 

The intuitive, easy-to-navigate nature of HaloITSM, alongside the knowledgeable team and top support, has led to easy adoption. ACH Group has gained better control over their SLAs, increased granularity over ticket classifications, and simplified asset and change management. 

“We would not change anything except get it sooner. If you don’t have HaloITSM yet do yourself and your organisation a favour and get it. It will save you a fortune compared to the likes of ServiceNow and I would argue does a better job”. 

Mark Render, Head of Digital Systems, ACH Group.  

The Results

The outcome of choosing HaloITSM has been breathtaking. ACH Group saves its engineers around 2 hours a day of admin work. This has freed their time so the team can work on more daily requests or isolate common problems into group requests. 

As SLAs were immeasurable and some requests were over 12 months old, their customer satisfaction was severely affected. Since using the SLA function, they have achieved an 87% SLA, increasing monthly. 

With added functionality, ACH Group is now well on its way to having a fully functional configuration management database (CMDB) and change management system, allowing it clarity over its environment that it has never experienced before. 

When reflecting on the decision to implement HaloITSM, Mark Render recounts, “We would not change anything except get it sooner. If you don’t have HaloITSM yet, do yourself and your organisation a favour and get it. It will save you a fortune compared to ServiceNow, which I would argue does a better job”. 

ACH Group is exploring external integrations with other agencies and their internal CRMs. HaloITSM is looking forward to supporting ACH Group every step of the way.