How Cardiff City Council reduced their ongoing IT costs by implementing HaloITSM

Clear visibility of 13,000 tickets logged per month across 50 teams

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Increase in efficiency, saving time and money. 

Fast and accurate responses to internal and external enquires. 

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  • A system to facilitate a range of departments
  • Flexible service desk to be compatible with integrations, configurations and customisations
  • Centralise their business systems
  • Manage a range of requests and track data accurately
  • High level of support 


HaloITSM’s top service and expert implementation brought Cardiff Council a fully tailored, integrated, cost-effective solution to centralise their business systems. 

About Cardiff Council

The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff has been the governing body for Cardiff, one of the Principal Areas of Wales, since 1996. They provide all local government services, including education, social work, environmental protection, and most highways. Cardiff Council has 250 agents across 50 teams, dealing with over 3,500 tickets per week. Therefore, they needed a service desk solution which could handle a high volume of enquiries whilst providing top support.

The Challenge

With their previous service desk solution no longer being supported, Cardiff Council needed a system which could facilitate a range of departments, from IT and facilities, to member’s enquiries and more. They also needed the replacement system to be flexible with integration, configurations and customisations in order to suit their different requirements. 

Before implementing HaloITSM, Cardiff Council realised they needed to centralise their business systems, as it became a challenge for them to manage requests and track their data accurately. This was essential for customer satisfaction levels, keeping to SLA’s and internal management processes.

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The Solution

Cardiff Council is committed to ensuring all citizens have the chance to contribute to and benefit from the city’s success. Their internal processes must run harmoniously to ensure the council runs efficiently to fulfil this commitment. During their evaluation of the best service desk tools available, extensive research was undertaken to shortlist products that offered the functionality required and a high level of service.

Following a tender process, HaloITSM was chosen as we could provide Cardiff Council with a fully tailored, integrated and cost-effective solution to centralise their business systems. 

It was imperative that HaloITSM could integrate with multiple applications to centralise their processes. These included numerous Active Directories and asset management tools, such as Lansweeper and Xcalibur, alongside an in-house SACM system. One of HaloITSM’s top benefits is the integrations that can be created to suit your business needs, which Cardiff Council experienced first-hand. 

Customisation was essential to improve efficiency. HaloITSM added a unique customer ID number to the main ticket view to align with the Council’s requirements and a link to relevant support contacts based on the ticket type that had been logged. 

Our expert consultants set out a personalised implementation plan to onboard Cardiff Council effectively and efficiently. This consisted of multiple visits to allow the Council’s IT department to digest the work and use this knowledge to support other departments. We understood cost was a priority for the council, so this solution allowed for a cost-effective method to implement HaloITSM. With the implementation alongside training and the intuitive out-of-the-box service desk, all teams were on board with a comprehensive understanding of the new processes.

“HaloITSM’s flexible approach has allowed us to seamlessly replace the existing system whilst maintaining service to our customers. The training and consultancy services provided allowed us to train all staff involved, identify and develop areas of improvement.”

Andrew Hopkins, ICT Applications Team Manager
Cardiff Council

The Results

Since using HaloITSM, the results have been obvious for Cardiff Council. After implementing automatic reporting for data dashboards, they have clear visibility of the 13,000 tickets being logged per month across 50 teams. Having this transparency means they can evenly distribute the workload and assess priorities. Consequently, Cardiff Council has seen an increase in efficiency, saving them time and money. 

The integrations with external applications have been so successful more are being discussed. Centralising these apps has greatly increased productivity and real-time visibility for Cardiff Council. In addition, these integrations have allowed for faster and more accurate responses to internal and external customer enquiries, increasing customer satisfaction.

With the success HaloITSM has brought Cardiff Council, their future is looking bright. A second implementation phase is due to be completed shortly in additional departments.